A Taste of the Traditional
At Prashiddha Home Stay

Come and have a taste of the authentic foods of Nepal and experience the rich and diverse tastes of the local cuisines served in a very humble environment.

Delicious Aalu Tama


Special Organic Coffee


Mouth Watering Mutton Sekuwa


Home made Traditional Liquor


Local Dishes

  • Organic Coffee

    Our local organic coffee will always welcome you to our homestay. Yes, you can also buy organic coffee at our homestay.

  • Organic Honey

    You can take our organic honey with each and every food item. Honey that we provide you is just taken from our organic farm.

  • Milk Products

    You can taste our various milk products at our homestay as per your desire. All milk products are produced from our own cow farm.

  • Aila (liquor)

    Aila is a Nepali beverage prepared by distillation of fermented ingredients such as rice, grains and millet.

  • Khasi ko Bhutan

    We provide local khasi ko bhutan (Fried Mutton) at our homestay which is mouth watering.

  • Organic Salad

    We have varieties of organic and green vegetables to serve you as fresh salad.

Snack & Dinner

Delicious food for a happy start.

Healthy Evening Snack

Gahu ko Roti Phapar ko Roti
Koda ko Roti Makai ko Roti
Organic Honey Local Ghee
Sadeko ko Gundruk Local Chutney
Local Popcorn Bhute ko Bhatmaas


Local Rice Various Local Dal
Organic Saag Organic Vegetables
Gundruk ko Achaar Achar (Teel, Timur, Golbheda etc.)
Local Mutton Local & Broiler Chicken
Local Fish Organic Salad

Breakfast & Lunch

Awesome meals to kickstart the day.

Delightful Breakfast

Roti Kheer
Aalu Tama Aalu Chana
Kwati Organic Banana
Boiled Egg Omlet
Organic Coffee Milk Tea
Black Tea Lemon Tea / Hot Lemon
Local Milk

Delicious Lunch

Local Rice Dhindo
Various Local Dal Masyaura
Farsi ko Munta Gundruk
Seasonal Vegetables Achar (Teel, Timur, Golbheda etc.)
Local & Broiler Chicken Local Mutton
Local Fish Organic Salad
Curd (Dahi)

Snack & BBQ

Our own Entertainment.

Special Snacks

Khasi ko Bhutan

Mouth Watering BBQ


Drinks & Beverages

Cheers to Happiness.

Soothing Traditional Liquor

Aila (liquor)

Mellow Drinks

Red Label
Old Durbar
Khukri Rum
And many others drinks