Standard Room

Equipped with a dual single bed and a private bathroom

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A double bed and a private bathroom option is available for our guests who are two in numbers and want to share room. A double room have two twin beds for the guests to sleep separately. It has private bathroom so that no one else other than the guest will be using the bathroom during the stay.


  • Baranda
  • Two Bed Room
  • Standard Two Bed Room
  • Bathroom


We have clean room, beds and bathrooms. In this room guests enjoy a two-room suite perfectly equipped for comfort and convenience.

We make you feel like you are living the life of our local community where you will get a chance to learn about them. We help you to meet the lifestyle of our local community.


  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Twin single beds
  • Cotton sheets
  • Mattress and Pillows
  • Therapeutic memory foam mattress and pillows
  • Mink microfiber blanket
  • Duvet blanket
  • Wooden cloth hanger stand
  • Village style bathrooms
  • Organic soaps and shampoo
  • Cotton towels

Come and have a taste of the authentic foods of Nepal and experience the rich and diverse tastes of the local cuisines served in a very humble environment.
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